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About Barnwood

Barnwood Naturals was established in 2006 by Salem, Oregon resident Bruce Wadleigh. According to legend, two incidents lead to Barnwood’s beginning. First, after Bruce took down a dilapidated barn he noticed the interesting textures and patterns of aging, and decided to recycle the weathered wood. Shortly after, he began working with old growth Douglas Fir. After a flash of insight while manipulating a particularly inspirational piece, he decided it was time to make a career change. And so, after nearly 20 years in the crisp collared corporate world, Bruce called it quits and left the cubicle life to venture out on his own. What he created was Barnwood Naturals LLC., an eco-friendly installation and custom crafting business that uses only 100% reclaimed materials in its projects. Barnwood also offers full service milling.

When Barnwood Naturals began, Bruce let the rustic look of repurposed barn wood guide the aesthetic of his work. These days, however, Barnwood Naturals works with a lot more than just reclaimed wood. Corrugated metal, Shou Sugi Ban, and other unique materials and techniques have become essential to Barnwood’s offerings. Barnwood Naturals is not beholden to a particular aesthetic. Any recycled or reclaimed materials can be used to evoke a wide variety of styles, ranging from historic and pastoral to industrial and modern.

Today, Barnwood has a healthy staff of five woodworkers, artists, and craftsmen and the business is now headquartered in downtown Salem, Oregon, along the beautiful Willamette River.

Barnwood received an EarthWISE certification through Marion County in 2007.