Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is not only beautiful, but represents an Earth-friendly resource for transforming and enhancing interiors and exteriors. Barnwood Naturals was founded on the “green living” value, and maintains a strong connection to repurposing (rather than disposing of) materials.

Lumber was once one of the top building materials used in most of the U.S.’s infrastructure. Throughout the decades, however, wood lost its grip in favor of other more industrial materials, like steel and iron. Lumber once in abundance—such as American chestnut, longleaf heart pine, and redwood—is now largely available only through reclamation. In the Northwest there exists a plethora of reclaimed Douglas Fir and cedar. Both offer beautiful options for reimagining. In fact, one of the many great things about working with reclaimed wood is how often the pieces themselves will speak to a designer, and provide the inspiration for a project. With so many options for color, quality, texture, and density, there’s a lot to be inspired by in the Barnwood warehouse.

Then there’s Barnwood’s personal touch: our arrangements. Regardless of the surface (wall, floor, siding, ceiling), we’ll lend our vision and expertise to ensure every detail, every placement, enhances the overall effect.