North American Locations

Barnwood’s ongoing quest for creative solutions–especially the strange, unusual, and brilliant–has lead to embracing installations, creative interiors, and “art” projects of all types. These one-of-a-kind projects are often build-in style pieces that embrace the reclaimed, restored, and recycled philosophy Barnwood holds at the center of its business.

Recently, Barnwood worked with Aria Group Architects, Inc. to help design and build out a handful of new Nando’s Restaurants in cities along the East Coast and into Canada. Nando’s is a popular UK-born chain of specialty foods, featuring Peri-Peri chili sauces and traditional dishes originally cooked by Portuguese immigrants in South Africa.

When Aria Architects brought Nando’s to North America the group asked Barnwood to help create a causal, comfortable dining room experience through the use of natural materials and the support of contemporary African elements, all while retaining the flair of the city where the restaurant is located. Barnwood assisted in locations across North America, including Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois and Toronto, Canada. The results are truly unique and creative interiors.

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Project Specs.

locations across the U.S.
Canadian provinces
years in operation
outlets in 30 countries